Spanish pirates ‘hack’ the YouTube accounts of Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande and other singers

The YouTube accounts of singers like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson and Travis Scott have appeared this Tuesday morning with a new video of just over a minute. His label was: Music video by Drake performing Justin Bieber – Free Paco Sanz (ft. Will Smith, Chris Rock, Skinny flex & Los Pelaos) . The accounts of the musicians add up to more than 150 million subscribers on YouTube. In the video, Paco Sanz is seen singing with a guitar held upside down. Sanz accepted a two-year prison sentence in February 2021 after admitting that he defrauded thousands of people by simulating a terminal illness.

Screenshot of Paco Sanz's video on Drake's account.
Screenshot of Paco Sanz’s video on Drake’s account.

The Twitter account @Lospelaosbro boasted live of having hacked ( hacked ) Travis Scott, Kanye West and Justin Bieber. In less than an hour the video was no longer available on Kanye West’s account . The rest has taken a little longer but is no longer available on any channel. On Twitter, Los Pelaos kept announcing new hacks: Estopa on Mickael Jackson’s channel, Residente on J Balvin’s and IShowSpeed ​​on Ariana Grande’s channel. These last three videos have been active for just a few minutes.

In their Twitter account created in April 2022, they have gathered almost 5,000 followers in a while and have been a trend on Twitter. YouTube videos have had approximately 150,000 views. In America it was dawn at the time the videos were uploaded.

Several tweets from the Twitter account that was counting the hacks since 9:37 in the morning of April 5.
Several tweets from the Twitter account that was counting the hacks since 9:37 in the morning of April 5.

Paco Sanz managed to raise 264,780 euros, including various celebrities, also in the US. He was known as the “man of 2,000 tumors” after being diagnosed with Cowden syndrome, which in principle does not imply any imminent vital risk.

Since then there are accounts on networks that ask for his freedom. At the beginning of Sanz’s initial video, the emblem of La mafia del edit appears , which has an Instagram account with the same name of more than 100,000 followers obsessed with trap and Paco Sanz. On Twitter, the two tweets that he has in the header refer to Paco Sanz. His last retweet is “Free Paco Sanz”. Both Instagram and Twitter accounts have been abandoned since spring 2021.

The account that has claimed responsibility for the attacks, @Lospelaosbro, which has not yet responded to messages from EL PAIS, has called Paco Sanz a “political prisoner”. YouTube has not yet responded to several messages from this newspaper.

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