Elon Musk wants a social network without limits to freedom of expression: Is it possible?

Elon Musk, the businessman at the helm of Space X and Tesla, has hinted that he could launch a new social network. It all started with some polls on Twitter last Friday: Musk asked if this platform respects freedom of expression and the “no” took more than 70% of the votes. “The consequences of this survey will be important,” Musk warned. Please vote carefully.” The next day, the businessman asked what can be done and if another platform is needed. When student ( and fan ) Pranay Pathole approached him about creating a new social network, Musk replied that he was serious about it.

Musk, known for tweeting too much, should not be trusted: in November last year he put a vote on Twitter to sell 10% of his shares in Tesla. But then it emerged that he had already sold some of those shares before publishing the survey . In any case, selling shares is much easier than setting up a social network that prioritizes freedom of expression. Among other things, because it is not even clear how something as basic as that is done.

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