Netflix hires Halle Berry after success as director of ‘Ferida’

According to Netflix, the film “Bruised”, which marks the debut of Halle Berry as a director, has already been watched by more than 50 million users of the platform , becoming the most watched film in the US and the second. in the world, in the last seven days.

In the film “Hurt”, Halle Berry stands out as both an actress and a director, receiving critical acclaim around the world. Image: Reproduction Instagram Popcorn Modern

Starring the actress herself, the film was made available worldwide on streaming last Wednesday (24), but before that, it went through a festival circuit, receiving critical acclaim both for Berry’s powerful interpretation and for her excellent performance. in the role of director.

In the plot, fictional former MMA fighter Jackie Justice tries to rekindle her sporting trajectory after a scandalous retirement. Years after abandoning a fight without any kind of explanation, she is given her last chance to get back in the ring and get her career back on track. Amidst all this, a son of Jackie resurfaces after a long time missing.

This Tuesday (30), according to the Deadline website , Halle Berry signed a contract with Netflix to participate in several other productions: as an actress and, mainly, as a director.

“We are thrilled,” says Netflix executive

According to Netflix’s global head of original films Scott Stuber, the company is “thrilled” by the partnership with Berry. He referred to the star as “an award-winning actress”, adding that “she also proved to be an amazing director”.

“There are few people with a career like Halle Berry. She’s an award-winning actress and producer, and as the public has now seen, she’s an amazing director,” said Stuber. “We are thrilled to be by her side as she delivers power in front of and behind the camera in Ferida and we look forward to telling more stories together.”

Before starting work on her future Netflix films, the actress will appear in the sci-fi drama The Mothership and also in the space adventure Moonfall, both slated for release in 2022.

As highlighted by the Screen Rant website , Netflix is ​​taking big steps to dominate the industry by building a talent pool that rivals the biggest studios in Hollywood.

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