SpaceX static firing the Starship SN20

The SpaceX conducted on the afternoon of Friday (12) the first static firing test all six thrusters Raptor’s first prototype of a Starship with orbital capability, known as SN20. The test, which involves firing the thrusters with the spacecraft anchored to the ground, lasted just over two seconds, and was captured on video by the NasaSpaceFlight website .

The prototype is equipped with three Raptor thrusters for use in the atmosphere, and three designed for use in the vacuum of space, known as ‘RVac’. Via Twitter, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, commented “Nice static firing with all six thrusters!”


The test was already expected. Recently SpaceX’s base in Boca Chica, Texas, dubbed the Starbase, began receiving large amounts of fuel to fuel the tanks that will be used to power the spacecraft in the tests. Starship’s propellants are powered by a form of kerosene known as RP-1 and liquid oxygen known as “Kerolox”.

While other Starship prototypes have flown before, the SN20 will be the first capable of entering Earth orbit. SpaceX intends to carry out its first test flight this year, depending on authorization from regulatory agencies in the US.


The flight plan is ambitious, with takeoff from Starbase , Texas, and landing near Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In other words, in addition to demonstrating the orbital capacity itself, the test would also serve to demonstrate the ability to travel quickly between two points on Earth, covering a distance in 90 minutes that, with a commercial plane, would take more than seven hours. Something that can be very attractive for commercial aviation.

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