The Google Play Store website may receive a new long-awaited makeover

It’s not news to anyone that the Google Play Store on the web is outdated, with the sidebar and card-shaped listings on an Android phone  . However, it appears that this is about to change, as the Android Police platform and an insider say they have  discovered  a redesigned Play Store that is in line with the mobile app.

The novelty seems to have pushed aside the big sidebar and cards into a clean-looking four-button navigation system and playlists with automatic game trailers. As such, you can filter apps by device type.

Also, if you the person needs to access your library or redeem a gift card, and options like these have been moved to be able to switch accounts to Google’s web apps.

Google Play Store web version recast leak

The site  characterized this makeover as a “work in progress” and also had to switch to the Korean Play Store, which is the Taiwanese version to see it. Google was asked if the company can comment on this possible test, but no response.

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