‘Rust’ gunsmiths talk about “sabotage”

Gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is being investigated by the Santa Fe, New Mexico sheriff’s department after the death of director of photography Halyna Hutchins. The filmmaker passed away on Oct. 21 after being shot by actor Alec Baldwin during a set rehearsal for the movie ‘Rust’, who used a weapon that was not supposed to have real bullets. Now, the gunsmith’s lawyers talk about “sabotage”.

In an interview with the American television program Today , on the NBC channel , Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence defended the 24-year-old professional. They said they are investigating the possibility that a live bullet was placed in the box of fake ammunition used in the recordings with the intention of “sabotaging the set”.


“I believe someone who would do that would want to sabotage the set, prove a point, want to say they’re unhappy, they’re unhappy. And we know people left the set the day before,” Bowles. Some of the crew had left the recording site at the Bonanza Creek Ranch after complaints of insecurity at work and about the accommodations they received for rest.

Thus, the lawyer added that no one should be excluded from the investigations at this time. “We have people who left the set, who left because they were unhappy. We have a time interval between 11 [in the morning] and 13 [in the afternoon], approximately, that day, when the weapons were sometimes left unattended, so there was an opportunity to tamper with this scene,” he added.

Authorities investigating the accident on the set of ‘Rust’ found last Friday (29) at least one real .45 caliber bullet in a truck in the film. The vehicle, according to Gorence, “was completely unattended at all times, giving someone access and opportunity.”

Halyna Hutchin
Halyna Hutchin died after the accident. Image: Instagram / Reproduction

Also according to the local police department, 500 rounds of bullets, including real, fake and empty, were found. However, investigators did not mention anything about the truck being left unattended.

In addition to gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, assistant director David Halls is also investigated. He was the one who handed the gun to Alec Baldqin and said it was “cold”, meaning no bullets. In the rehearsal of the shooting scene, the actor shoots in front of the camera. Hutchins was shot in the chest and died. Director Joel Souza was injured in the shoulder.

Even with  Halls telling police that he did not analyze the weapon  in question that day, Gutierrez for his part says he checked and made sure there were no bullets inside the revolver. In addition to being hired as a gunsmith, Hannah also worked as a prop assistant. ‘Rust’ was her second film as a gunsmith.

Hannah Gutierrez is the daughter of another gunsmith, the veteran Thell Reed. She made her debut in the role in the film ‘The Old Way’, opposite Nicolas Cage, which opens in 2022. days. Other team members also complained  about Gutierrez’s neglect of  weapons and security protocols.

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