Gunsmith from ‘Rust’ says he doesn’t know where real bullets came from

A week after the accident that killed director of photography Halyna Hutchins, the gunsmith in the movie ‘Rust’ spoke for the first time. Last Thursday (21), a gun that was supposed to be set was with a bullet and was given to actor Alec Baldwin during the recording of the low-budget feature. A shot fired by the actor during a scene hit Hutchins in the chest.

In addition to shooting the director of photography and cameraman, director Joel Souza was hit in the arm by the shot. This Thursday (28), gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez’s lawyers highlighted the insecurity on set, something already mentioned by other members of the film’s crew, which was shot at Bonanza Creek Ranch. But, they reinforced customer care.


“Safety is Hannah’s priority on set. Ultimately, this set would never have been compromised if live ammunition hadn’t been introduced. Hannah has no idea where the real bullets came from. Hannah still, to this day, has never had an accident,” lawyers Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence said in a statement released later in the evening.

Members of the ‘Rust’ recording team had previously reported other problems. So much so that some of the employees left the set earlier on the day of the accident . The gunsmith’s lawyers also claimed that Hannah Gutierrez had informed other colleagues, a props manager and a stuntman, when the guns were “hot”.

Before Halyna Hutchins was shot, actor Alec Baldwin was told by assistant director Dave Halls that the gun, an 1880s Colt .45 revolver, was “cold” when the gun is out of ammo. According to police in Santa Fe County, a city in the US state of New Mexico, where the recordings were taking place, other people handled the weapon.

alec baldwin
Alec Baldwin accidentally killed cameraman Halyna Hutchins with a shot from a gun that was supposed to be theatrical. Image: Instagram/Reproduction

“We identified two other people who handled and/or inspected the loaded gun before Baldwin fired the gun. These two people are gunsmith Hannah Reed-Gutierrez and assistant director David Halls. All three individuals cooperated in the investigation and provided testimony,” Sheriff Adan Mendoza said on Wednesday (27).

Even with Halls telling police that he didn’t check the gun in question that day, Gutierrez for his part says he checked and made sure there were no bullets inside the revolver. In addition to being hired as a gunsmith, Hannah also worked as a prop assistant. ‘Rust’ was her second film, who is just 24 years old, as a gunsmith.

“Hannah and the prop master gained control over the weapons and she has never witnessed anyone shooting those weapons, nor would she allow it. They were locked every night and at lunchtime and there was no way a single one of them had disappeared or been shot by staff members,” added the lawyers.

Hannah Gutierrez is the daughter of another gunsmith, the veteran Thell Reed. She made her debut in the role in the film ‘The Old Way’, opposite Nicolas Cage, which opens in 2022. days. Other team members also complained about Gutierrez’s neglect of weapons and security protocols.

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