Pixel 6 can receive Android updates for at least five years

The Pixel 6 , along with its brother 6 Pro, should receive Android updates for five years in a row. The information comes directly from a British retailer, which appears to have released a lot of data on the devices a few days before the pair’s official launch, scheduled for next week.

The Android world has always lived within an operating system fragmentation, which makes the work of updating the operating system very difficult. Some companies are improving this scenario, such as Samsung, which has already promised four years of updates for security fixes, but now also delivers an extra 12 months for some of its devices aimed at the corporate audience.


Pixel 6 (Image: Playback/Carphone Warehouse)
Pixel 6 (Image: Playback/Carphone Warehouse)

Xiaomi also decided to be part of this group that shows concern for the longevity of their cell phones and put four years for security fixes, along with three for updates to the entire operating system. Google now appears to be interested in following this trend, taking more time to deliver new features for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

This data comes directly from the website of Carphone Warehouse, a UK retail company. She ended up releasing this information on a page dedicated to the new features of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. There the store says that these devices will receive security updates for at least five years in a row, keeping the smartphones safe and with fixes until 2026.

This new deadline is one year longer than what was promised for Pixel 5, for example. On the smartphone already available on the international market, Google guarantees updates for the operating system and for security fixes for four years, while for the Pixel 4 the promise was for three years.

More Pixel 6 details also leaked

In addition to a dedicated space to handle software updates, the retailer’s website also greatly enhanced advances to the new Pixel 6’s photography capabilities.

The main advantage, at least for the Pixel 6 Pro, is the physical size of the sensor. The site claims that this change alone already delivers 150% light, when compared to Pixel 5. The main component makes images of 50 megapixels, along with another (smaller) with 12 megapixels and another one for four times optical zoom, with 48 megapixels .

In both devices the user can use a tool native to the operating system to remove unwanted people in the photos.

Pixel 6 will be presented by Google on October 19, along with Pixel 6 Pro. At the same event the search giant should show other devices, such as a smartwatch, new smart speakers from Nest and even a tablet.

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