Tesla will expand autonomous driving tests in April


From April, Tesla owners will be able to test the Full Self-Driving (FSD) software for fully autonomous driving. At least that’s what the automaker’s CEO Elon Musk promises in response to a Twitter user.

The CEO explained that drivers will be able to subscribe to a subscription model for the service, which is currently being tested with select users. The FSD expansion was promised by the end of 2020, but delayed until the second quarter of this year.


At launch, FSD will likely cost less than the current $ 10,000 for the beta. Musk says buying the service “will be a better deal in the long run than signing up.” The chief executive recently announced that Tesla will reach Tier 5 of fully autonomous driving by the end of 2021 – it is currently at Tier 3.

While drivers are allowed to reach their destination without any manual command, the automaker says that, at least during beta testing, user monitoring is necessary.

«Full Self-Driving находится на начальной стадии ограниченного бета-тестирования и должна использоваться с особой осторожностью», – предупреждает компания. «Он может сделать неправильный поступок в самый неподходящий момент, поэтому вы всегда должны держать руки на руле и уделять больше внимания дороге», – добавил он.

Автономное рулевое управление Tesla требует особой осторожности

Tesla также предупредила о проблемах, вызывающих наибольшую озабоченность при внедрении службы автономного вождения, заявив, что необходимо быть готовым «действовать немедленно, особенно в глухих поворотах, перекрестках и в узких дорожных ситуациях».

Apart from the warning, the automaker has confirmed what features are in the new update. “When FSD is on, your vehicle will change lanes on the highway, select forks on its route, navigate other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns.”

Since it is based on neural networks, FSD is expected to improve rapidly with increasing use. Regardless, at least for now, it will still be impossible to watch a movie or take a nap on the road or home.

Via: Electrek / CNet

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