Felipe Melo loses millions in Fifa 21 and complains about the network


Palmeirense midfielder Felipe Melo may have been the victim of a blow that cost him millions…. coins in FIFA 21. The e-gaming sportsman took to social media to complain that his $ 11 million fortune in virtual currency would have disappeared in Ultimate Team.

“I have invested an important amount to build a good team at FIFA. I had a really good team, I started going out to Elite. I had 11 million on my team. One day I woke up, about a month later … Of the 11 million, only 374,000 remained, ”says the steering wheel.


The problem spread even to Melo’s millionaires in the game, as his top players disappeared as well. “I had a team of stars and that’s it,” he said. Steering still tried to contact Electronic Arts, the developer of Fifa 21, but to no avail.

“I called about six times and got no answer. There was no email that said anything, complete ignorance of us, which we spent playing, playing, trying to get into the championship, we wasted time, ”says Melo.

It is impossible to tell if the disappearance of the coins was a failure of the game or the deliberate behavior of some cybercriminal. But Melo does not exclude the latter either. “I think this is a flaw in the system, suddenly a hacker must have infiltrated and removed all the players,” he adds.


On his Instagram account, the athlete shared the feedback of other players with the same difficulty. “From what I’ve seen, there are several people who faced the same problem and we didn’t have an answer,” says Palmeirense.

Ultimate Team Player Picks
Matchmaking in Ultimate Team Fifa 21. Image: EA Sports / Playback

The Ultimate Team mode in Fifa 21 is for those who really want to spend more time in the game and for those who are looking for some competitive edge. In it, in the form of a card system, you can create your own team. The more matches that can be offline and online, the more points you will gain to recruit new players.

It is possible to earn coins by buying and trading on the transfer market, but not buying them directly with real money. “Buying coins from a third party or promoting the purchase or distribution of coins is against our policies,” states EA Sports, and may result in an offender’s ban.

Via: UOL / TV Cultura

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