Chinese car received a certificate to fly to the United States


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an airworthiness certificate for the Terrafugia Transition flying vehicle, owned by Chinese automaker Geely Technology. That being said, the car can fly for free, and Terrafugia believes models of this type will be able to travel the streets and skies in 2022.

The release could also mean Terrafugia can develop specific flight options. For the first time, the North American Agency has issued a type certificate for modern flying machines. This means that it has passed design, performance and safety tests, but cannot yet be used commercially.


The vehicle itself has a rear propeller, a 101 hp Rotax 912iS engine. and can reach speeds of up to 161 km / h. For operation Transition can use premium gasoline or aviation fuel.

Transition, despite the permit, should operate traditional flights only in 2022. Image: Terrafugia / Reproduction

It also has a carbon fiber roll cage and a built-in parachute. The wings of the flying model can also be folded down so that the car is parked in a “common” car space.

The transition was tested in the midst of a pandemic.

“This is an important achievement that gives impetus to our mission to create the world’s first practical flying car,” said Kevin Colburn, vice president of Terrafugia.

The Transition team improved the quality system, completed critical aspects of the project, and spent 80 days of flight testing, Colburn said. A total of 150 technical documents were delivered ”and [o veículo] successfully passed the FAA audit,” although the limiting factor was the coronavirus pandemic (Sars-Cov-2).


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