Nintendo Switch will receive an adapted version of Android 10


The SwitchRoot development team managed to adapt Android 10 to the Nintendo Switch. This is an unofficial compilation of LineageOS 17.1 (an open source Android system for smartphones and tablets based on Android 10) that runs on the console. The same team also managed to adapt Android 8.1 to run on the Nintendo handheld console.

The software includes new features, such as sleep mode, to keep Android from affecting the battery life of the Nintendo Switch. According to the developers, the new version “responds faster to user commands” compared to Android 8.1 Oreo.


Android 10 for Nintendo Switch offers the following features:

  • Cloud software updates
  • Support for analog control from other consoles
  • Android TV version
  • Cooling profiles for quieter operation
  • Optimized touchscreen driver
  • New profiles of performance and energy consumption
  • Improved Wi-Fi driver with fewer interruptions
  • Enhanced support for Bluetooth accessories and auto-rotate display

How does it work?

The ROM can be downloaded in two versions, one for tablets, which supports all Android applications, and another version similar to the system offered by the Android TV platform.

In terms of bugs, the developers say that some games are not supported, such as “Half-Life 2” and “Tomb Raider”. The user may also notice some problems with the audio transmission via Bluetooth.

Installing Android 10 on Nintendo Switch. Image: XDA / Reproduction

To install the system, you need to separate the USB-C cable, microSD card formatted in FAT32 and have access to the PC. Before proceeding, the developers recommend making a full backup of your data, as the process erases everything that was saved on the device.


If you’d like to try Android 10 on the Switch, the XDA Developers site offers a link with all the information about the new product and an advanced guide on how to install the software on your Nintendo console.

Source: XDA

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