Amazon’s Next CEO Reaffirms His Commitment to Making Games


Andy Yassi, who will succeed Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO from the third quarter of this year, reaffirmed his commitment to game development in a letter to employees, while acknowledging some of the challenges the team was facing.

Amazon has had Amazon Game Studios (AGS) since 2012. But despite the fact that they already had developer talents who participated in the creation of games such as Portal, Far Cry 2 and System Shock, so far the team has not even been able to achieve success.


Its latest game, Crucible, was released in May 2020, and its servers were shut down last November, after just six months of work. The studio was the focus of a Bloomberg article published last week that said the team was cultivating a macho and toxic culture that alienated several women who were part of the team.

Crucible Launch Trailer

According to other members interviewed by Bloomberg, the lack of success was the result of the inexperience of studio leader Mike Frazzini, who worked in the Amazon book department. Before joining AGS, he had never created a game.

“Some businesses develop in the first year, others take many years,” Iasi said. “Although we have not yet achieved consistent success with AGS, I believe we will succeed if we persist.”

«Успех на раннем этапе, безусловно, менее стрессовый, но когда он занимает больше времени, это, безусловно, приятнее», – сказал будущий генеральный директор. «Я верю, что эта команда добьется успеха, если мы будем сосредоточены на самом важном».


Фраццини ответил на обвинения в мужском мужестве в статье Bloomberg, сказав: «У нас нет терпимости к подобному поведению или к чему-либо меньшему, чем абсолютно равная и инклюзивная рабочая среда».

Что касается его неопытности, он говорит, что «мы многому научились и стали лучше со временем, и я участвую в этом, и мы будем продолжать это делать. Создавать отличные игры сложно, и мы не собираемся делать все правильно ».

У Amazon есть собственный сервис потоковой передачи игр, Luna.

Amazon’s most recent foray into the gaming market has been Luna, a game streaming service similar to Stadia that launched last September. For $ 6 (about R $ 32), users can subscribe to Luna +, which gives free access to a catalog of games that includes Resident Evil 7, Control, Panzer Dragoon, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Wave 2 ”,“ Yuka-Leili ”,“ Impossible Lair and Iconoclasts ”,“ GRID ”,“ ABZU ”and“ Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons ”.

Luna will have other game channels that players can subscribe to separately. One of them is already working, this is Ubisoft, among others, with games such as “Assassins Creed Valhalla”, “Far Cry 6” and “Immortals Fenyx Rising”.

Source: Bloomberg

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