Rumors about Tesla plant in India are gaining momentum


An official document from the Karnataka state government in southern India has confirmed rumors of a Tesla plant being built in the country. The note, which outlines the highlights of India’s budget, says – without details – that “the American company Tesla will open an electric vehicle plant in Karnataka.”

Last month, the automaker established Energy Private Limited, an Indian company based in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state. In a Twitter post, Governor B.S. Yediurapa said Tesla will start operations in India with a research and development department in Bangalore. The post was later deleted.


Elon Musk has tweeted several times about the company’s interest in expanding its operations in India. In December, the Tesla CEO confirmed that the automaker will begin operations in the country in 2021. The first model to launch in the country will be the cheapest Model 3, starting at INR 5.5 million (or $ 74,739).

India has struggled for years to reduce its dependence on oil and pollution, but a lack of investment and infrastructure has undermined the advancement of electric vehicles. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stepped up his ambitions to electrify the country’s car fleet by 2031, which in 2017 became the fourth largest car manufacturer on the planet.

Илон Маск, генеральный директор Tesla, и Нарендра Моди, премьер-министр Индии, во время визита правительственным чиновником на завод по производству автомобилей в 2015 году. Изображение: Twitter / Reproduction

Чтобы ускорить этот рост, страна планирует предложить компаниям льготы на 4,6 миллиарда долларов для создания современных заводов по производству аккумуляторов. Рейтер. Индия является второй по величине страной с населением 1,39 миллиона человек, но по потреблению автомобилей занимает только пятое место после Китая, США, Европейского союза и Японии.

The auto sector in the Asian country has been hit hard by the pandemic, with sales dropping to zero in April, but still requires investment as it is one of the fastest growing in recent years. Hyundai unveiled its first electric vehicle in India last year, the Hyundai Kona Electric. At the time, the company praised the country for “opening a new era of clean and connected mobility.”


Hyundai at the time was the second company to sell electric vehicles in India after local rival Mahindra. Since then, Tata and MG Motor have also launched their own vehicles in the country, as well as Mercedes-Benz Daimler.

Via: Reuters

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