Tesla recalls over 158,000 broken vehicles


The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has asked Tesla to assemble 158,716 vehicles from the Model S and Model X lines built before 2019. The reason for the recall may be defects in the touch screens of these vehicles.

According to a letter published Wednesday (13) by the agency, malfunctions of the so-called “media control units” on these vehicles could interrupt the owner’s access to the vehicle’s backup camera, temperature control and driver assistance system for the driver. Tesla automatic machine that increases the risk of an accident.


The issue stems from worn flash memory chips that were used on the screens of Model S sedans from 2012 to 2018 and Model X SUVs from 2016 to 2018. Every time the owner turns on one of these Tesla, it uses up the entire capacity of the chip. 8GB flash memory built into the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor that powers the monitors. When this capacity is reached, the monitors are blocked.

Model X and Model S
Tesla Model X (gray) and Model S (red), models with broken touch screens. Image: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

Пострадавшие владельцы транспортных средств ранее сообщили CNBC что экран дисплея на ваших блоках управления мультимедиа иногда был пустым, частично или полностью. Автопроизводитель Илона Маска даже предложил «расширенную гарантию» для клиентов, которые заплатили за обмен блоков управления мультимедиа из своего кармана.

NHTSA начало официальное расследование проблемы в июне прошлого года и заявило, что расследование все еще продолжается, несмотря на просьбу Tesla забрать автомобили.

В письме агентство признает, что Tesla выпустила обновления программного обеспечения для устранения недостатков, однако считает, что они «процедурные и существенно недостаточны».


Производственные проблемы

The recall of more than 158,000 Tesla vehicles came two months after the automaker made another recall in the US last November. This affected about 9,500 of the company’s vehicles due to two production problems.

Tesla said that the frieze on the roof of the vehicles was not properly secured and could eventually separate from the vehicle when the driver is driving it. On the other hand, the screws near the handlebars were not tightened properly.


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