GM surprises with Cadillac eVTOL air taxi at CES 2021

General Motors says it also plans to join the fast-growing eVTOL air taxi business – and the company plans to do so in style. As part of its virtual CES, GM Exhibit Zero on Tuesday, the automaker unveiled renderings and animations of a battery-powered Cadillac personal jet.

The stylish vertical take-off and landing electric aircraft will mark GM’s first step in air mobility, and the company says the four-rotor aircraft is powered by a 90 kWh battery to reach speeds of up to 56 mph. Also, details are few – GM has stopped offering more technical details, let alone a production commitment or detailing deadlines for when we can expect to see these eVTOLs as they are known on the air. From the images it looks like a single-seat drone, probably for short city jumps performed autonomously.

GM is the last automaker to look up to the sky and think about entering the air taxi market. In fact, on Tuesday, urban rivals FCA announced a partnership with Archer to create an eVTOL air taxi. Other automakers such as Hyundai and Aston Martin have also made their way to this new mobility space. The rapid development of batteries, electric motors and cloud services for electric vehicles and trucks has helped make the introduction of personal electric aircraft more credible. It looks like GM’s massive investment in its Ultium EV hardware program could pay big dividends here.

It’s not immediately clear if GM has a functional prototype of eVTOL at this point or what the next step is in developing this new business for GM.

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