Nubank to fund training for black programmers after controversy

Nubank’s founders said in a letter on Thursday that the institution will fund the training of 1,250 black programmers, the decision came after fintech was criticized by co-founder Christina Junqueira.

In a recent interview, Junqueira said Nubank could not “level the playing field” when asked if the requirements for working in fintech would limit the inclusion of blacks in his leadership.

Nubank is investing R $ 20 million in initiatives to increase black representation in the company, as well as in the sector as a whole.

Founders David Velez, Edward Weible and Janqueira said in a letter that Nubank will also launch a mentoring program focused on black cancer in 2021, in addition to reviewing its hiring practices.

The agencies added, however, that people who completed the program would not necessarily be hiring Nubank.

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