US Elections Marked with Internet Misinformation

Internet misinformation about the United States election results continued to spread on Wednesday, while President Donald Trump falsely claimed to have won with millions of votes that had not yet been counted and made unsubstantiated claims about the legality of the vote count.

Twitter posted a warning in Trump’s post, in which he argued without evidence that new votes on surprise ballots helped his rival Joe Biden by containing questionable content and “potentially misleading about an election or other civil process.”

Facebook and Twitter have signaled several other publications by the President of the United States, while the vote was still being counted, in real time to test his rules on how to deal with misinformation and premature claims of victory.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Both companies are being pressured to contain the proliferation of false election-related information on their platforms. In the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s vote, both pledged to take action against the publication of candidates trying to announce their victory before the result becomes official.

Twitter covered up Trump’s message claiming the fraudulent attempt was being made behind a label claiming the message was potentially misleading. The company also limited the ability of users to share the post.

Facebook added a warning to the same post, which had about 18,000 shares, stating that “the final results may differ from the original vote count as the vote count will continue for days or weeks.”

A Facebook spokesperson said it does not restrict access to flagged content or its distribution. She also said that the social network will signal not premature announcements of state victories, but only the end result of the presidential race.

Twitter did not flag the post in which Trump announced a “Great Victory!” A spokeswoman said this was because the wording was vague and it was unclear if victory was claimed.

Facebook added a warning to this post, which had over 33,000 shares, saying, “votes are still counting. The winner of the 2020 US presidential election has not been determined. “

In a speech broadcast live on both platforms, Trump said he won the election as millions of votes have yet to be counted. Democrat Joe Biden said he was confident of victory.

Facebook has flagged the video, which had 2.6 million views as of Wednesday morning, with a warning that the vote count could continue for days or weeks. The video had no tag or Twitter alerts after it was posted by the Trump campaign and retweeted by the president.

“The tapes or clips from the press conference are not in themselves a violation of our policy,” a Twitter spokeswoman said.

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